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COME OUT SATURDAYS 5PM AT THE LCI DOME !  Get in some pre-season training and a runaround until the end of March.



Saturday March the 22nd- ONTARIO BLUES TRAINING NIGHT at the LCI Dome!  Participants and spectators Welcome.  More to follow. 






     Well, another war on the shore and rugby dinner is in the books, many thanks to Paul Rooney            and all others who helped organize the event!  We started off with a good solid game against the Buccaneers and Centaurs hybrid team;  lots of encouraging play from the Invictus boys showing much improvement in skills and team play from even the start of this season.                                                       It was then on up to have some good tucker at the annual Invictus awards dinner. Congratulations to       all the Awards winners, but of course any player who played regularly this year gets our           appreciation and admiration for the dedication and improvements they made.  There was also a           surprising but heartwarming wedding ceremony performed and some fantastic singing rounds led by         the veterans who tried their best to keep it PC. (the Pentecostal choir members eating in the room        next door had their song vocabulary expanded a bit that night....).  Desserts and some more orange           drinks all around courtesy of Mr Milbury and it was out the door to take care of business along Bloor street for the rest of the night!



      After a hard-battled and well deserved win against the Dragons on Jun 15th, Invictus added their presence to the record crowd at BMO to watch team Canada play against Ireland.  An inspired start by the Canadians allowed      them to enjoy the lead through the first 2/3 of the game but then Ireland's experience took over and they switched attacks and stretched the play on Canada's defense.  Final Score: 40-14.  (There's also a rumour that some of          the boys are STILL waiting for their pitchers at Bar Vespa right now....)



"It really feels like the day after I played a hard game of rugby or hockey…I am still trying to stand up straight."            -Chris Hadfield after his return from the Intl Space Station.




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